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Responsibility Week @Rossett

As part of our 3R’s Culture Of Learning here at Rossett we have been looking this week to really embed the quality of responsibility amongst our students. In the lead up to “Responsibility Week” all staff worked in their teaching learning communities (TLC’s) to collaborate and plan together lessons which involved handing more responsibility to the students. Within the TLC’s, staff were in cross curricular groups of 3 or 4 and had to look at ways of making the students more responsible learners. They then agreed times for this week when they could observe each other delivering these student led, responsibility focused lessons.

As we approach the end of the week I have been looking at evidence of impact. It has been easy to see it with the students themselves as all of them were given on Monday, responsibility passports.


Students have been aiming all week to try and collect responsibility points in lessons as they aim to be more self-motivated, work well in groups, help and support each other and be responsible for making progress in their learning.
There have also been some fantastic assemblies and lessons delivered by staff who have pushed this theme of responsibility all week.



We have also been embedding videos from staff on our Realsmart Rossett homepage where students have been talking about what being a responsible student actually looks like. Please feel free to browse through the link below:

Rossett School Realsmart

We are only in the early days of embedding our 3R’s Culture Of Learning, but initial signs are that it is something worthwhile persevering with. At the end of each learning cycle we will be having a week emphasising each of the 3R’s with resilience coming up next, followed by reflectiveness.

Thoughts/comments very welcome.


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