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Flipping Lessons & Responsibility!

As we have just launched our 3R’s Culture of Learning here at Rossett I was keen to keep pushing the culture straight away with my A level PE class and see if responsibility, resilience and reflectiveness could come through in students learning. I also wanted help from our iPads that we as staff all have, and the iPads that we can book out for the students to use.
I firstly wanted to promote responsibility amongst the students by flipping the lesson before it started. I used the Explain everything app to put together a short video where I introduced our topic of “Ergogenic Aids”, which I tweeted to the students insisting they watched it before they came to the lesson.

Now when the lesson arrived it was obvious which ones had watched it and which ones hadn’t. I was able to see this when as a starter I used a quick Socrative quiz. I then had on the board a visual representation of the learning journey that we were going on & I simply asked the students to record in their Evernote accounts what they were expected to learn by the end. As the students completed the Socrative task I then got them in pairs to brainstorm using the app Ibrainstorm about which ergogenic aids were suitable for either aerobic or anaerobic athletes. The students here had to be both responsible and resilient as all they received from me were two QR codes which took them to my wiki and also to the Explain everything video again. I was determined to make them take responsibility and see that if they done this beforehand, then they would have started the lesson at an advantage. Tough love if you like.
We then reflected together as a class reviewed their initial answers to the Socrative task that I had by this point downloaded.

This review allowed the students to see where they were in their learning and more importantly where they now needed to go to progress. I then split the students into two groups, where one looked at aerobic athletes and the other anaerobic. I then set up an activity where they now had to demonstrate responsibility, resilience and reflectiveness. Although they could work together in their groups they had to individually create a presentation using an app of their choice that they had show to someone from the other group. They had 15 minutes! Most choose the Educreations app, although a couple chose Mindjet. As well as putting the presentation together they also began screenshot their work to save to their Evernote accounts.

Then after the 15 minutes were up, the magic started. They began seamlessly teaching and learning from each other the the specific areas that they had been researching. They took responsibility for questioning, analysing and praising each other for the work they had covered. All I did was walk around, facilitate and answer some questions.
For students who have for the last six years been spoon fed information at school, I was really impressed by their willingness to embrace our new 3 R’s culture. Watch this space for more developments.




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