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The what, the how and the why?:

The what, the how and the why?
Often we start our lessons with this order.
We tell the students what they are going to be doing, then, we tell them how they are going to be doing it. On many occasions we often fail to get to the why. For me then the order should be reversed. It is the why that we should start with.
It’s the why that gives learning meaning, purpose and motivates students.
They want to know, like we all do, why are we doing this? As those of you with kids will know “Why” is the probably one of the most commonly said words they use. If your children are anything like my daughter, Ella, this why is often followed by the word not!…… we say no to their 7th demand for chocolate at 8 o’clock in the morning.
So no matter how you do it, keep that thought in mind. Why am I this activity? Is it giving this lesson some purpose? Can the students see the reasons as to why we are doing this? As teachers we need to keep that question in our heads all of the time. Before lessons as we plan, after lessons when we reflect and for me the most important of all, on a constant basis throughout the lesson.
Once we start to embed this with our students it starts to create a culture of motivation, intrigue and discovery. Ultimately this is what true learning is. It is a bit of a Holy Grail and one which is constantly moving as young people change with society, but it is one that as teachers we should never stop striving for.


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One thought on “The what, the how and the why?:

  1. Westylish on said:

    Couldn’t agree more. If you keep thinking “why” when you’re planning you always end up with more focussed lessons.

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