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Learning Journeys & Jigsaw Groupings

After reading some great posts from the blog of @dkmead via twitter about learning journeys, I decided this week to give them a go. A learning journey is basically a visual representation of how the students are going to learn and meet their learning outcomes. Instead of just writing up 3 learning outcomes and getting the students to copy them down, a learning  journey gives a visual picture of where they are going to be travelling during the lessson and more importantly how they are going to get there. The true spirit and ethos of effective AfL. Below is my learning journey prezi for my A2 PE group on aerobic capacity. Just zoom in on the learning journey circle.



The learning journey stayed up there all lesson for the students to keep referring to. Before I even began the journey I initated a 3 step process to the actual learning which resulted in great progress being being made by the students. As a quick fire starter the students had 5 minutes to write down 5 facts relating to what made someone have a high level of aerobic capacity. This tapping into their previous knoweledge really got them thinking straight away.

I then briefly explained their journey and highlighted how it involved taking in 3 important areas. This led me to implementing Petty’s jigsaw groupings. Basically it involved splitting the class into 3 groups to cover the 3 areas to be learnt. Each group then had 10-15 minutes to become an expert in that area. They were told that they all had to be an expert and could not just allow one or two of the group to take over. Following this I numbered the students off and created new “teaching groups”. Each “teaching group” contained an expert from the 3 topics we initially started on. Depending on numbers you may have to have a couple of experts from each topic area. What happened next was the magic started!! They all then started teaching each other in their groups their own expert area. The results were quality to stand back and observe. Their learning progressed at a rapid rate, they were involved and engaged in what they were doing and all I did was facilitate what was happening.

I used the learning journey and jigsaw approach with my Yr 9 BTEC Outdoor Pursuits group too.

Here is a short Youtube clip of them working.

Finally I asked one of my BTEC lads what he thought about the jigsaw grouping plan we had used for his learning journey. This for me makes it all worthwhile.

Thoughts/comments very welcome.


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2 thoughts on “Learning Journeys & Jigsaw Groupings

  1. David West on said:

    Just read your blog and watched Rossett legend Dean slight on video. Anybody who sees the high level of focus from this group of lads (ties down, spelling all over the shop) is gonna think you bribed them with chocolate not learning. Well done mate.

  2. Tait Coles on said:

    Great post Paul, and great learning. The video summed it up for me – if students are comfortable and articulate in talking about their learning – then it’s obvious learning has happened. Schools, teachers and SLT’s spend too much time worrying about “measuring progress for Ofsted” rather than concentrating on the learning. Can a spreadsheet or marked books tell you more about what that student has learnt? I’m not so sure. Great stuff mate

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