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Keeping up with the google generation

Today has just highlighted to me how students now think, act & more importantly, learn in a totally different way than I did when I was at school. We can’t now hide from the role that technology, the internet & social media now plays in the lives of young people. As it is such a normal part of their day to day existence, we would be fools as educators if we didn’t try to tap into this.
This morning I was down at Harrogate Grammar School at the launch of our collaborative Red Kite Training School Alliance. A brilliant networking morning with a key poignant address from Steve Munby. Anyway it meant me missing two KS5 lessons. How was I going to make up for this? Well I started to think creatively & thought about how would the students look up something they had missed, or wanted to find out about?
So I made a short Youtube clip of myself explaining what I wanted them to do.

This included my learning expectations of them. I uploaded the clip to my wiki &; they had to post their work on the wiki too. So the start of next weeks lesson is sorted with some peer assessment of their answers. My BTEC Yr 13 group did something similar & they also kept in touch with me through twitter, updating me of their progress. I was able to answer any of their questions while still keeping half an eye on proceedings of what I should have been attending to!

On my return to school this afternoon one of my students commented on how easy it was to get on with the work & I wasn’t missed…Not what I really wanted to hear but never mind I will get over the rejection!

Anyway facilitating the learning experience of young people has never been so important & today I saw how technology helps our google generation to do it.


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3 thoughts on “Keeping up with the google generation

  1. i am impressed by the way you have used all these resources to help your teaching and their learning. I teach in an 11-16 school and have found only intermittent use of twitter by the pupils. They are much more into facebook. Have you used that at all with your pupils?

  2. Twitter is far less popular than facebook with the students especially the younger ones. However once you get them signed up & start using Twitterfall in lessons to highlight feedback it stats to catch on

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