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Rossett School’s Own Teachmeet

After school today saw our first in house “Teachmeet” taking place through our scheduled Teacher Learning Community meetings. I have been thinking of using this format since I attended a Teachmeet at Cramlington Learning Village in the summer. Our 10 TLC groups involve all our teaching staff with each being directed by a TLC leader. The brief I gave the leaders last week was this. Ask members of their TLC if any of them would be prepared to share with their colleagues anything from their teaching that they felt had impacted positively upon student learning. What resulted was brilliant & showed the willingness of staff to share & collaborate with colleagues. Each TLC had at least 3, & more often 4 staff keen to present & share with others.
Prior to the TLC’S staff gathered to hear Mark Pears talk about our forthcoming Realsmart adventure & Kevin Kehoe remind us all about using wikis & his template for building AfL easily into lessons. I then gave a brief outline of our plan for embedding teacher learning. Click here for my prezi.
This then led into staff moving into their TLC’S. I sat in on Dave West’s grp & heard some fantastic thoughts from Kirsty Birkett (Bus. St), Simon Dale (Eng), Karen Longster (Sci) & Mary Warden (Art).

Kirsty gave some excellent, engaging starter/plenary ideas which finished with us all trying some of them out. Then Simon introduced us to negative modeling through A level Media Studies & how focussing on what we would change after watching a clip of the “worst film ever”, allowed us to search for the correct answers. Karen then used some Kagan Structures & got us all thinking about effective ways in which we learn. By using a simple memory game we found out in pairs how each of us remembered & recalled information in different ways. Mary then concluded the session by sharing with us how Art have used & adapted Kagan Structures to get students to talk & share all aspects of their work.

I am looking forward to hearing from the other TLC leaders about how their sessions went.

Overall it was brilliant to be involved in the sharing of such great ideas on a whole school level.


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2 thoughts on “Rossett School’s Own Teachmeet

  1. Tait Coles on said:

    Brilliant stuff Paul,

    Love the idea of a teachmeet style forum – will suggest the idea for out TLC groups.

    And any school that shares the success of Kagan structures between staff is a great school in my humble opinion. I have been incorporating lots of KS and collaborative learning in my lessons – the students are getting it, some more slowly than others (notably KS4) I need to now share the benefits with staff – and a school teachmeet sounds a perfect forum.

  2. The in-school Teachmeet at Rosset sounds as though it was a big success Paul. I’m a big believer in sharing and showcasing T&L across the school I work in as it contributes to a feeling that staff are part of CPD – instead of being a recipient of it. All too often CPD is something that is ‘done’ to people and this often switches people off.

    The willingness of your colleagues is a great indicator of the kind of culture that has been established at your school. From my own experience, colleagues have often spoke about how nervous they were in stepping up in front of their peers – therefore its a big deal when they take a leap of faith and contribute to T&L developments.

    Keep up the brilliant work matey. Great to hear about your regular progress on Twitter and now on your own blog. Make sure you keep me informed so that I can learn from the fantastic stuff that you’re doing.


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