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Lesson Tweets!

Just home after a great chat with our Head of Science here at Rossett School, Chas Oldfield. He explained to me the new idea he has launched this year with his department; that of the lesson tweet!

Basically it changes the traditional lesson objectives that can be quite cumbersome & student unfriendly, into a more student catchier lesson tweet. Chas explained that firstly all of his department must have a snappy interactive starter for the students as they walk in….nothing too novel there, but I liked the way he sold it to staff. As he explained we may have students coming to us from French, PE, or Maths & they need a few minutes to allow them to engage their Science brain.
After this comes the lesson tweet! The teacher has displayed what the students will learn, but it is restricted to 140 characters like a tweet. The students must get this down, which further focusses them & gives the teacher a little breathing space to do some last minute organising. At the end of the lesson the students must do some retweeting & indicate their understanding alongside the original lesson tweet. Over a series of lessons the tweets & subsequent reflective retweeting act as evidence of understanding.

Simple, easy to do & in a way that aids & supports student learning. I pointed out to Chas that as a development students start constructing their own lesson tweets & become even more in control of their learning.


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