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Twitter v Polleverywhere

Twitter v Polleverywhere

I have recently been experimenting with the use of Twitter & as a means of getting my students to use their mobiles in lessons. I have used both sites as a way of students giving feedback to me & their peers about what they have learnt.
What have I found?
Well firstly Twitter is nowhere near as popular or as widely used as its social networking big brother Facebook, particularly amongst the younger students. However it is catching on fast & I feel it will in the future be just as widely used, certainly amongst 6th form students.
My A level class are now nearly all on Twitter & are really enjoy using it during lessons as a way of feeding back what they know or just as importantly don’t know. I have been using with it’s search hashtag faculty to display the students tweets on the whiteboard. I would be keen to find out any other twitter.sites peolpe use to show tweets from a group of students. Twitter is generally reliable although at times some tweets don’t get picked up in a hash tag search, which still baffles me!
Since I mentioned using staff at our training day last week, they have gone crazy with it. It is easy to set up & find out students opinions & staff/students like it as it allows the use of mobiles to aid everyones learning. Although already I feel some students this week have been polled to death. I have not yet experienced this overkill with Twitter, which shows to me that tweeting is here to stay & we should be exploring ways of using it further. Plus it’s free as opposed to which charges a standard network text fee.
So for me twitter wins if the students get themselves an account of course…. I also believe it is ready to topple it’s big brother facebook as the top dog in social networking. Our job as educators is to harness it’s powers to engage & focus student learning!


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5 thoughts on “Twitter v Polleverywhere

  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for the insight into using twitter and Poll Everywhere in your classroom. A few things:

    I like TweetDeck. It allows you to keep a “self-tailored” eye on your twitter account and has a good solution for searches or hash tag feeds.

    Also, keep in mind Poll Everywhere does not charge texting fees; rather, the normal fees associated with a participants cell phone plan are applicable. (A somewhat fine distinction, but we really want to stress Poll Everywhere does not charge participants/students in any way.)

    Poll Everywhere allows web voting too! You may choose to avoid SMS altogether and use Poll Everywhere in this manner. The simplest example being Direct your students to this URL and they can vote on the web the same way they would via SMS.

    Or you could combine the two! We support twitter voting. Send a vote to @poll on a twitter enabled poll and you’ll see this in action. Or try it here:

    Thanks for introducing us to the other faculty. We’re glad the teachers at your school have adapted so readily to using the system in class. Hopefully, as the initial wave passes, teachers will find even better ways to apply polls in class and avoid the “polled to death” feeling!

    Thanks again and please let me know if you have any questions!


    • Cheers for the post on my blog Steve. My students at Rossett School do love polleverywhere although yesterday there was.a problem here in the UK yesterday with texts from mobiles not appearing. I think I will be using probably twitter & polleverywhere with my students. I am delivering a big key note address in Australia next January & I would like to use polleverywhere over there with the audience. Is this possible?

      Many thanks again,
      Paul McIntosh

      • Not a problem! Thanks for sharing your experience.

        Apologies for the outage. A miscommunication with our European messaging provider combined with time-zone differences created a bit of a mess, but all is well now!

        Poll Everywhere will work in Australia! I recommend switching to the Sydney based number for SMS voting (more info here: ). Also, you can change the number that appears on your polls through your “settings” menu. Click on the international texting tab on the left to change location.

        Feel free to contact me with any additional questions!


      • Hi Paul,

        If you don’t mind could you approve my previous two comments for public viewing (they’re currently awaiting moderation). Don’t need to approve this one 😉


  2. Have you tried polltogo ( I’ve had good experiences with it so far in my classes. Benefits: No need for any app, no SMS costs, no Twitter unreliability… And seems cheaper. Free mostly, but then pay as a you go with credits.

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